Moving Tips

Alpha Movers is proud to offer quality moving tips to help you and your family with a successful move. Call (385) 313-8657 for more helpful tips and to schedule your move.


Name Each Room

If everything is labeled by name, the separation of stuff while movers unload will be much easier. This will save you a lot of time.


Label Each Box

Having proper labels of some of the content in the boxes makes sure fragile items are packed towards the top and are handled properly. We recommend labeling on the side of the boxes. Being able to see what room the boxes are from without unstacking them will save you loads of time.


Secure Boxes

Making sure boxes are taped and packed well not only protects your stuff, it also helps keep our movers safe.


Be Prepared

The more you are prepared, the faster the move will go. If you have everything packed well (not loose items) the move will go quickly. Everything takes time. Unhooking the washer and dryer, taking apart table legs, and disassembling beds will all help save you time. (Alpha Movers offers these services.)


Ask Questions

Movers have a lot of experience and know the proper ways of moving. They will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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